Rob Davies responds to allegations

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies responded to allegations of abuse of power.

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies. Picture: GCIS

CAPE TOWN - Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on Monday responded to allegations of abuse of power.

The storm erupted at the weekend when the head of the National Consumer Commission claimed she was fired, without notice, when her position was advertised in papers.

Davies said that was simply not true, and added he would fight her in the Labour Court to prove it.

Davies told a media briefing in Parliament that he did not know Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi when she was appointed head of the NCC in 2010.

The department agreed to give her the position following an out of court settlement with the Communications Department.

She had been fired as director general by former Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

Davies said her tenure is set to expire on the 3 September this year, and she could have reapplied for the job.

"It was my personal estimation that this was the perfect candidate for the position. Even if that were the case, I wouldn't have felt comfortable about just giving someone a five year contract without going through some interview process along the way."

Davies filed his responding affidavit in the Labour Court on Monday.

Mohlala-Molaudzi lashed out at the Trade and Industry Department and claimed it did not pay many of her employees.

Mohlala-Molaudzi and Davies, are set for a courtroom showdown after her position was advertised in weekend newspapers without her knowledge.

This means she could be out of a job later this year.

Davies insisted there is nothing untoward about her contract not being considered for renewal.

Mohlala-Molaudzi said some of her staffers have not been paid their salaries.

"More this month, our allocation was given to us late. Salaries were supposed to have been paid to employees but it has not been paid because the Department of Trade and Industry has failed to give the money."

She suggested this amounted to sabotage.