Parkhurst residents protest

Parkhurst residents are protesting against the new parking scheme.

An official writes a parking fine. Picture: EWN

PARKHURST - Parkhurst residents and shop owners took to the street to protest against the recent implementation of a paid parking scheme.

Tuesday's peaceful protest took place on Fourth Avenue.

Protesters set up camp in parking spots along the main road and called on the City of Johannesburg to reconsider the controversial system.

Residents called on authorities to increase revenue for the local council.

Protesters came out with vintage chairs, porcelain cups and fresh flowers.

They said the new parking system is a "private revenue-generating scheme" and called for more public consultations.

One café owner said they are willing to face arrest if police show up.

Last week, the City of Johannesburg defended its plan to roll out the scheme in various other areas, including Northcliff, Melville, Braamfontein and Roodepoort.

Motorists could pay around R8.50 an hour for parking.

According to officials, the municipality will receive around 25 percent of revenue generated from the project and a private security firm will pocket the rest of the money.