Officials attempt to remove stricken ship

Engineers are still attempting to get a stricken vessel in Camps Bay afloat.

"A Japanese fishing trawler ran aground at Clifton Beach on 12 May 2012. Picture: Dylan Culhan

CAPE TOWN - On Sunday, spectators watched attempts to get a stricken Japanese vessel afloat at Clifton Beach.

The 50-metre vessel ran aground in thick fog, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A group of about 100 eager onlookers lined down Victoria Road in Camps Bay, to catch a glimpse of the stricken ship.

Clifton’s serene setting is usually jolly, but on Sunday, its white sands were deserted as engineers attempted to get the vessel afloat for the second time.

Saturday’s efforts to tug the vessel out to sea proved futile.

On Saturday, 19 of the 28 crew members were rescued from the vessel by the National Sea Rescue Institute. 

Cape Town Disaster Management said the ships’ hull and stern might suffer damage if it attempts to tow it into deeper water.

With 90 tons of diesel on-board, any wrong move could result in an oil spill.

Cape Town Disaster Management spokesperson Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said the Department of Environmental Affairs deployed inflatable oil booms around the vessel to prevent a spill in the area.