Removal of stricken trawler is underway

It was not clear how long it would take to pull a stranded Japanese vessel, out to sea.

A Japanese fishing trawler ran aground at a Clifton beach on 12 May 2012. Picture: Dylan Culhane

CAPE TOWN - Authorities from the Cape Town Disaster Management (CTDM) said it was not clear how long it would take to pull a Japanese vessel, stranded on a Clifton beach, out to sea.

The 50-metre Japanese vessel ran aground at Clifton's First Beach on Saturday morning.

Attempts to remove the vessel, carrying 90 tons of diesel, got underway just before 5pm.

19 of the 28 crew members, and a dog, were rescued from the vessel earlier.

The spokesperson for CTDM, Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, said a tug boat was being used to pull the stranded ship.

The Department of Environmental Affairs was assisting with the operation, Solomons-Johannes said.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue Institute, Craig Lambinon, said all crew members were doing well.

He said one person was injured and treated.

Crew members were removed from the scene and taken to Granger Bay to recuperate.

It is still not clear what caused the ship to run aground.