Johan Kotze back in the dock

The 'Modimolle Monster' trial is likely to be transferred to a high court.

Johan Kotze was dubbed the 'Modimolle Monster' when he allegedly orchestrated his wife's rape and attempted murder.

JOHANNESBURG - Johan Kotze and his co-accused are expected to make their next court appearance on Friday to be served their indictments.

Kotze, who has been dubbed the "Modimolle Monster", and three of his workers are standing trial for the rape and torture of his estranged wife and the murder of her teenage son.

Prosecutor Renier van Rooyen is expected to serve a final indictment on Kotze and his co-accused which will detail the state's case against them.

The trial is also likely to be transferred to a high court, most likely to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

In April, the Modimolle Magistrate's Court denied bail to Kotze's co-accused, who claimed they were forced to take part in the grisly crime.

Kotze has made no attempt to secure his freedom.

It is likely to take months for the trial to begin in the high court, while police appear to have wrapped up most of their investigation.

Kotze's ex-wife, Ina Bonnette, is expected to be the state's star witness.