Man appears for Jaco Pretorius' murder

Murder accussed Zwakahle Mavundla claims police tortured him during questioning.


PRETORIA - The man accused of murdering a Coin Security director and former policeman Jaco Pretorius told the North Gauteng High Court on Thursday that he was the victim of a conspiracy.

Pretorius was shot dead following a robbery at the Irene Village Mall, south of Pretoria, in 2009.

Zwakahle Mavundla said he was waiting for a friend in the street outside the mall when he saw three people with firearms running towards him.

Mavundla told the court he fled and hid under a bridge because he heard gunshots and feared for his life.

He said police used various methods to torture him, including electrocution.

He claimed he was forced to handle a firearm.

Eyewitnesses have however testified that they followed Mavundla from the scene of the crime to his hiding spot, where police arrested him.

Judgment is expected on Friday.