SIU probes vehicle impound corruption

Corruption at the car pound in Pretoria involving metro cops has been exposed.

Tshwane metro police.

PRETORIA - The Pretoria Magistrate's Court revealed on Tuesday that the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is probing the conduct of Tshwane metro police officers based at the city's vehicle pound who are accused of being corrupt.

Details of the investigation were not revealed in the court which was unrelated to the case being heard.

Eyewitness News subsequently established the alleged method of corruption.

Sources said inner city officers were impounding cars, but not registering them.

Officials would then still charge motorists to release the vehicles and pocket the money.

Tshwane Metro Police Internal Investigator Marius Botha told the court the SIU was investigating officers from the rank of constable all the way to director.

The SIU could not immediately provide further details of the investigation.