Moodliar kidnapping mastermind flees Malaysia

Eyewitness News has reliably learnt that the fifth suspect in the Nayati Moodliar kidnapping fled Malaysia.

Shamlin and Nayati Moodliar

CAPE TOWN - A fifth suspect involved in the kidnapping of Nayati Moodliar in Malaysia has reportedly fled the country.

The New Straits Times, a Malaysian newspaper, informed Eyewitness News , the individual's whereabouts are unknown.

The 12-year-old boy, who is the son of South African parents, was snatched outside his school in Kuala Lampur about two weeks ago.

He was released last Thursday.

A New Straits Times journalist said a national manhunt has been launched to arrest a fifth suspect, thought to be the mastermind behind Nayati Moodliar's kidnapping.

Four people have been already been arrested.

It is believed the suspects had gone their separate ways after collecting a ransom of several hundred thousand rand.

Malaysian police said they managed to bring the ransom price down from around R1 million to R260,000.