Police told to investigate all complaints

Mthethwa commits police to working for the community.

Police Minsiter Nathi Mthethwa

CAPE TOWN - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said officers need to investigate every complaint made at a police station.

Mthethwa was speaking in Lwandle Township near Strand on Thursday.

He heard firsthand from residents, who accused police of failing to address their concerns over crime.

One woman complained that she was called names when she went to report a case of theft.

Another man told the minister that local station commander; Bongani Mathakathi, slapped him for no valid reason.

But Mthakathi rejected the allegations.

Mthethwa said they will look into all the issues raised.

"What is important is that we listened to what people said, and we have committed ourselves to ensuring what they have raised is attended to by management."

Mthethwa called on members of the station management and made them commit themselves in front of the community.

"The working relationship between the police and the community is essential if we are going to win the fight against crime in our areas."