Niehaus still owes money - Travel agent

Carl Niehaus still has outstanding debts, after publicly stating he had paid up everything.

The former ANC spokesperson Carl Niehaus

JOHANNESBURG - The owner of an East London travel agency told Eyewitness News on Wednesday how she nearly lost her company because former African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Carl Niehaus refused to pay the money he owed.

Lets Travel's Cheryl Clur said he still owed her company at least R80,000 from a Mauritius holiday he took nine years ago.

Clur said her agency nearly went belly-up because Niehaus did not pay what he owed.

"We were able to hold our own, but managed to recover by not paying bonuses that year. Staff had to make sacrifices."

It took her several years to recover and that debt is still outstanding despite Neihaus' claims he was now debt free.

Niehaus told Talk Radio 702 on Wednesday he was about to take on an official position at the ANC.

"I've paid my debts," he said.

Senior ANC member Derek Hanekom said on Twitter that Niehaus had made no attempts to repay the money he owed to several people.

The ANC was also not able to confirm a new position was made available for Niehaus.

Niehaus resigned as ANC spokesperson in 2009, after it emerged he had allegedly committed fraud and was drowning in debt.