FIRST ON EWN: Tshwane has new metro police chief

Eyewitness News confirms Steven Ngobeni's appointment as new chief of metro police.


PRETORIA: Eyewitness News confirmed on Wednesday that the Tshwane municipality appointed Steven Ngobeni as its new chief of metro police, despite the fact he was never interviewed for the job.

In March, Eyewitness News reported that Ngobeni was already chosen to take up the position, raising concerns over the appointment process.

While the Tshwane municipality is keeping very quiet on the matter, senior Tshwane metro police sources confirmed Ngobeni's appointment.

Suspended deputy chief Ndumiso Jaca was tipped to be appointed as the new chief and was shortlisted in the interview process.

Jaca was ruled out, following an Eyewitness News investigation that led to criminal charges.

Ngobeni however did not apply for the job.

The new chief started his career as a security guard in the old Pretoria municipality, before he became a metro constable.

He skipped several ranks.

After his promotion to commander he was ranked as director and now chief.