Academic returns to CT after NZ trial

Sean Davison returns to Cape Town after being tried for assisting his mother in suicide.


CAPE TOWN - The family of University of the Western Cape academic, Sean Davison on Tuesday said it expected him to return to his teaching post as soon as his settled in Cape Town.

Davison is set to return to South Africa on Wednesday.

He pleaded guilty in a New Zealand court to assisting his mother in suicide.

In 2009, Davison wrote a book detailing that when he returned to New Zealand to look after his cancer-stricken mother, she asked him to help her die.

He went on trial in November last year after being arrested initially on an attempted murder charge.

His wife, Raine Pan, said she cannot wait for him to get back home.

"I had enough being on my own with two kids. The whole house is a lot of responsibility for me."