Political party funding questioned

The lack of transparency around funding for political parties has been questioned.

Mining magnate Brett Kebble donated R250,000 to the African National Congress in 2004.

JOHANNESBURG - Questions were raised on Sunday about the lack of transparency around funding for politicians; after it emerged that slain businessman Brett Kebble donated large sums of money to political parties to buy their influence.

Kebble was gunned down during an alleged "assisted suicide" by self-confessed hitmen Mikey Schultz, Faizel Smith and Nigel McGurk in September 2005.

The three were granted reprieve in exchange for their testimony against convicted drug dealer Glen Agliotti.

The trustees of slain mining magnate Kebble's insolvent estate claimed R250,000 from the African National Congress (ANC) for a donation made in 2004.

Political analyst Dr Somadoda Fikeni said the current rules around funding for political parties are not strict enough, giving way to corruption.

"Those in the private sector who want to do business with government would influence the policies."

Fikeni said the state was in danger of putting the needs of its benefactors ahead of building the nation.

The case involving Kebbel's estate and the ANC will be taken further in the South Gauteng High Court on Friday.