Top NPA prosecutor suspended

Glynnis Breytenbach abused her power in connection with a mining rights case.

The NPA has suspended prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach in connection with a mining rights case.

JOHANNESBURG - Glynnis Breytenbach was officially suspended on Monday.

Breytenbach was prosecuting police intelligence boss Richard Mdluli and recommended that the case against him continue.

Charges of corruption and fraud were however withdrawn in February.

Breytenbach's lawyer Gerard Wagenaar confirmed she was formally told of her suspension on Monday.

"Glynnis Breytenbach got a notice of suspension this morning.

"No new information was given, it was the old information that she abused her power in the Kumba/Kimberly matter."

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) had previously questioned her decision to authorise raids on government officers in connection with a mining rights case.

Eyewitness News understands Breytenbach delivered a memo about the Mdluli case to the NPA last week.

The memo said she could take the case on review.