Huntley fights to stay in Canada

South African refugee, Brandon Huntley, is now taking further legal action to ensure he stays in Canada.

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A South African man, who made headlines after applying for refugee status in Canada, is now taking further legal action to stay in that country.

In 2008, Brandon Huntley moved to Canada, claiming he was being targeted by criminals here because of his race.

He argued that the government and police are not able to guarantee his safety if he returns to South Africa.

He claimed he was attacked seven times during attempted robberies and muggings.

A Canadian immigration board panel tribunal found his fears justified and gave him refugee status in August 2009.

Huntley is appealing to the Canadian Immigration Board to review his application for asylum.

This week the Supreme Court of Canada announced it would not hear his appeal.

He has argued that his safety would be compromised as a white male, if he were to return to South Africa.

The Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, successfully applied for a review of the case.

Huntley's next refugee hearing is expected to happen within the next three-six months.