Transport Department denies e-tolling claims

Transport officials refuted claims the postponement of e-tolling was influenced by the ANC and Cosatu.

E-Toll account card

The Transport Department refuted claims that the decision to postpone the implementation of e-tolling followed recommendations made by the ANC and Cosatu.

The ruling party and its alliance partner met on Thursday to settle their differences on the matter after the trade union federation staged a mass protest in March and recommended that the system be postponed for a month.

The latest development comes as the North Gauteng High Court hears argument led by the opposition to urban tolling alliance for an interdict to stop e-tolling, judgment in the case is expected on Saturday.

Transport's Tiyani Rikhotso said they were influenced by submissions made by the public.

"Unfortunately I cannot communicate decisions of the meeting between Cosatu and the ANC. What I can communicate are decisions of government."

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance said this latest decision is irrelevant to its case.

Outa's Wayne Duvenhage, "I think the judge is also not going to be swayed by what happened. We are hoping he does interdict because of the evidence that we produced in court. We have a very strong case that e-tolling should be stopped until; the full reviewing of the case has happened in the court."