KZN hostage drama ends

A gunman was shot dead after he took several people hostage at a Durban hospital.

Gun crime.

JOHANNESBURG - An official at a Durban-based hospital on Friday confirmed that the woman who was taken hostage in the morning, by a would-be patient, was shot four times but is in a stable condition.

The 30-year-old suspect, who may have been suffering from bipolar disorder, allegedly fired his gun inside Life Westville Hospital before attempting to take a receptionist hostage.

She managed to escape.

In the chaos, he fled to the first floor.

A security guard was shot in the leg and one of the caterers suffered minor injuries when a bullet ricocheted.

The suspect then went into the main kitchen and shot one of employees four times, before holding her captive for hours.

The man was killed during a police rescue operation.

Life Hospital's Leanne Nyiri said, "They [the victims] have been treated in trauma units and received counselling. As it stands now, everything is under control."