Welcome to the new and exciting EWN

26 April 2012

So here it is! After many months in the making and many brainstorming sessions, our Eyewitness News site has finally arrived.

I must say I love it and hope you do too.

We wanted a clean, simple layout that offered a rich and rewarding experience to you - our users. It's certainly not easy to navigate your way through what's happening in the often murky world of news these days, and that's where EWN comes in.

We want this new EWN site to be compelling, allowing you to navigate your way through the myriad of news stories and offering several layers and depth to your experience. News is not one-dimensional and the age of digital allows our multi-skilled and multimedia reporters to offer you so much more than just the basics.

During all the planning stages, our brief and aim was simple: keep the breaking news element, part of our DNA here at Eyewitness News alive, while also providing a tantalizing combination of news, pictures, videos, features, columns and opinion pieces. These columns will not only be written by our own highly respected EWN reporters; but by some of the country's top thought leaders.

News analyses and insight is so critical for South Africans at this stage of the country's history as we traverse the road to Mangaung. For everything is about Mangaung and almost everything is political! We need only look at current issues around crime, poverty, sport, business and the controversial e-tolls to see how true this is. Political agendas are playing themselves out every day as the battle for President of the ANC heats up.

News is about balance though, and we often talk about "light and shade" in our newsroom. So while we highlight, scrutinise and forensically dissect all that is political, it's certainly not the only focus. The good news is out there in abundance and we hope to bring you that too.

Just recently we featured the feel-good story of the young cricketers with much talent but no money, who were invited to Greece for a cricket tournament. The prospects of going looked bleak, but they pulled it together and did so well. We told their story.

You will also find a great new feature called The Metrorail Diaries in our features section. This tells the story of ordinary Cape Town commuters who use Metrorail on a daily basis. The Eyewitness News team, together with other regular train users have been tweeting their journeys. The tweets are quirky, funny and evocative! A must read and certainly a Twitter #FF.

EWN's Cape Town News Editor, Janine Willemans, summed it up perfectly when she told her team about The Metrorail Diaries: "Most importantly it will be just an ordinary person's take on the service woes that have come to characterise Metrorail. The reason behind all of this is really simple - I wanted to put faces/names/identities/real lives to the blanket term "commuters" that we have come to be so fond of. Beyond that, I also believe it's an interesting take on a story that has been told, retold and told again … and which will remain part of our story-telling for a long time to come."

We'll also bring you the latest health, tech and business trends, together with entertainment news and celebrity shenanigans. The EWN sports team is passionate about all things sport - so loads of diverse content coming from them. There's also a fun Fashion Week feature and one about the SAMAs coming up.

May the new EWN site offer you many hours of pleasure. We encourage you to read and share our rich, exciting content and be our iWitness News reporters at all times.

We look forward to your feedback.