Sibling recalls shark attack

The brother of the victim of Thursday’s shark attack said he did everything he could, to save his...

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The brother of the victim of Thursday's shark attack said he did everything he could, to save his sibling.

David Lillienfeld was bodyboarding with his brother, near Koeƫl Bay, when the incident occurred.

Gustav Lillienfeld struggled at times to walk as his father led him away from the rocks.

Police said when the shark attacked, David, his brother grabbed him and swam to the rocks, but he had already succumbed to his injuries.

Another swimmer, who was with the brothers, then alerted emergency services.

He told officials they did not see the shark in False Bay before entering the water.

The area has since been cordoned off as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, the South African Bodyboarding Association (Saba) said Lilienfeld's death was a major blow to the sport.

Saba vice chairperson, Pat Harris, said he was both accomplished and popular.

"It's a humongous loss to South African Bodyboarding. He was a well mannered boy and did his best for South African Bodyboarding. He represented South Africa at the world games in November."

At the same time, a controversial shark documentary which was being shot in the area has also been cancelled.

Earlier, the Environmental Affairs Department granted the crew of Shark Men a permit to shoot the documentary.

After the attack the department expressed shock and cancelled the permits with immediate effect.