Aid organisations assisting Somalia appeal for help

As desperate and starving Somalians flee to neighbouring countries, South African aid organisation...

Newly arrived Somali refugees stand in front of their makeshift home at the Dadaab refugee camp on 10 July 2011. Picture: AFP

As desperate and starving Somalians flee to neighbouring countries, South African aid organisation Gift of the Givers has started distributing high energy nutrition packages to the region.

The United Nations (UN) on Wednesday officially declared a famine in southern Somalia where millions of people are battling hunger in the midst of the region's worst drought in 60 years.

Gift of the Givers Dr Imtiaz Sooliman has just left Somalia and said the situation there is dire.

"What I saw there is extremely horrifying, children that are two-years-old are looking tender and smaller than kids that are three-months-old."

Sooliman has appealed to South Africans to help by donating whatever they can spare.

"We need to save lives and to put in high energy supplements, medicine, medical team and food."

"We need to put tents, if people can provide cash even if it is a small amount, this is Africa and this is our people. They need our assistance," he added.