Warnings that Somali pirates are moving further south

South Africa’s high commissioner to Kenya on Thursday said it appears that Somali pirates are extending...

Map of Somalia

<?xml:namespace prefix="st1" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"?><country-region w:st="on">South Africa</country-region>’s high commissioner to <place w:st="on"><country-region w:st="on">Kenya</country-region> on Thursday said it appears that Somali pirates are extending their activities beyond Somali waters.

He warned local sailors to be careful when travelling up the east African coast.

Two South Africans were taken captive at the weekend, after the yacht they were travelling on was hijacked by marauders off <country-region w:st="on"><place w:st="on">Kenya</country-region>’s coast.

High Commissioner Ndumiso Ntshinga said he is in constant contact with authorities in <country-region w:st="on"><place w:st="on">Somalia</country-region> who are involved in the search for Bruno Pelizzari and his girlfriend, who is known only as Deborah.

No ransom demand has yet been made for the pair who are the first locals to be taken hostage by pirates in the region.

Ntshinga is worried they may not be the last.

“We have always believed that their reach was mostly around <country-region w:st="on">Somalia</country-region> but if they are going to be going down to the G<place w:st="on"><placetype w:st="on">ulf of <placename w:st="on">Mozambique then it is worrying,” said Ntshinga.