Courts are not clearing case backlogs - NPA head

National Prosecuting Authority chief, Menzi Simelane, has conceded no major dents are being made in...

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National Prosecuting Authority chief, Menzi Simelane, has conceded no major dents are being made in efforts to clear case backlogs.

While briefing MP’s in Parliament on Wednesday, Simelane said clearing the backlongs remained one of the NPA’s biggest challenges.

He said the problem will persist unless the country’s court system changes.

“We are not sitting long enough court hours, and we are not having as many cases as possible placed on the roll per day. It is as simple as that."

He added, "For as long as we’ve only got two cases a day you’ll always have a backlog, because there’s more inputs coming in [than] outputs.”

Simelane said they are engaging with the judiciary in an attempt to get more cases on the court roll.

“In the past it used to be prosecutors that placed cases on the roll and it changed – it became the judiciary, and from then on there’s been a downward trend. So the challenge is how we can reverse -- not that policy position because it is a correct one -- but how you can get more cases placed on the roll,” he said.