Tensions run high at ticket offices

Whilst ticket offices for the Fifa World Cup have opened across the country, frustrations are running high...

Official World Cup ticket from FIFA

Whilst ticket offices for the Fifa World Cup have opened across the country, frustrations are running high.

Hundreds of fans have been camping outside various ticketing centre nationwide to get their hands on one of the 500 000 tickets up for sale.

Eyewitness News has been fielding a barrage of calls from punters queuing outside FNB branches who are being told the systems are offline.

Football fans trying to buy tickets at branches were let down by the system.

As queues stretched around the block, many were highly frustrated as they were told bank staff cannot get online.

The first person in the line at the Northcliff branch has yet to purchase a ticket.

But the bank’s manager said that the problem is countrywide.


Meanwhile, soccer ticket sales have come to a temporary stop in Sandton in a bid to control the unruly crowds.

The doors of the centre were closed for security reasons.

Fans clashed with the two bouncers manning the doors and accused them of letting in people who had no queuing numbers.

Fans were supposed to collect these at a separate queue before lining up to enter the centre.

The handful of security personnel failed to control the crowd and promised to call police.

The few fans that were let into the centre have yet to come out of the building and those who remain outside are furious at the organising committee.

They said more security should have been hired to marshal the queue.


At the same time, ticket sales are happening at a snails pace at Cape Town’s 2010 Fifa ticketing office.

Over 1000 people are queuing at the Spearhead building at the Foreshore.

So far, very few tickets have been processed.

It’s not clear whether it is being held up by small technical glitches, but the process seemed to be very tedious.

Officials at the centre could not confirm why it is taking so long.

The first buyer to enter the office when it opened is still being processed and there is over 1000 people still queing.

An elderly person died of a heart attack early on Thursday morning whilst they queued for tickets.