Dube investigator says ID parade was above board

A state witness in the Lucky Dube murder trial has told the Johannesburg High Court that...

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A state witness in the Lucky Dube murder trial has told the Johannesburg High Court that an identity parade in which three mem accused of killing the popular musician were identified was conducted properly.

The trio is accused of murdering Dube in October 2007.

They also allegedly hijacked two other motorists within days of the Reggae icon’s murder.

The men’s lawyers have disputed the validitity of the ID parade, claiming police told witnesses who to point out.

Captain Mphikeleli Vana told the court he organised the parade and apart from a photographer only witnesses were present at the line up.

He testified that the three men accused of killing Dube were pointed out by state witness Siphiwe Mlaba who they allegedly hijacked two days after the murder.

When police arrested the suspects they found in their possession Mlaba’s car keys and a gun which officers believed was used to shoot the Reggae musician, but their lawyers said the parade was unconstitutional because they had no legal representation at the time.

Both Mlaba and the police are contesting the defence teams claims.