"Advocate Barbie" pleads not guilty

Former Pretoria Advocate Cezanne Visser has pleaded not guilty to 14 charges of sexual...

Former advocate Cezanne Visser. Picture: Trevor Kolk/SAPA

Former Pretoria Advocate Cezanne Visser has pleaded not guilty to 14 charges of sexual abuse.

Visser and her former lover, Dirk Prinsloo, allegedly abused several women and children.

Visser’s trial restarted after Prinsloo fled the country and the presiding judge died.

The advocate’s lawyer told the court they would call on a range of experts to testify in her defence.

Several psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers will be called to the stand to explain how Visser was completely controlled and dominated by her former lover.

The defence claimed Prinsloo forced her to help him sexually abuse several women and girls.

This approach differs significantly from Visser’s defence when her lover was still in the dock with her.

Since he fled the country in 2006 she has dramatically changed her appearance and her defence.