Court hears how officer “provoked” attack

The Cape High Court has heard how provincial traffic officer Denver Langeveldt, who was kicked and...

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The <?xml:namespace prefix="st1"?><place w:st="on"><placetype w:st="on">Cape<placename w:st="on">High Court has heard how provincial traffic officer Denver Langeveldt, who was kicked and stabbed to death after an office party in 2006, provoked the attack.

Five men were convicted of Langeveldt’s murder in August last year.

They face life sentences because they killed a law enforcement officer.

But the court may rule that there were substantial and compelling circumstances, justifying a less severe sentence.

The men’s lawyers have been arguing that their clients came from broken homes and had a history of substance abuse.

Langeveldt’s widow Melanie told Eyewitness News nothing could excuse their behaviour.

"I don’t care about drug or alcohol abuse. What about the suffering my daugther and I have endured over the past 3 years? We’ve lost a husband and a father," said Melanie Langeveldt.