SA suicide rate on the increase

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group has expressed concern over the daily number...

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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group has expressed concern over the daily number of suicides in the country.

The organisation said an increasing number of people were suffering from stress because they could not cope with their financial problems.

One Brackenfell family took their own lives this week after signing a suicide note.

Their neighbours told Eyewitness News that they suspected the family’s financial woes may have contributed to the suicide pact.

The association remarked that the first few months of the New Year were usually synonymous with an increase in the suicide rate.

Sadag’s Cassey Amoore said that on average, 22 South Africans committed suicide each day.

She urged anyone struggling emotionally or financially to seek professional help.<?xml:namespace prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"?>

“In some cases if people feel so overwhelmed, when it snowballs, where your loosing your house you’ve just lost your job you don’t know what available resources there are. People don’t know that there is counselling, there’s a debt councilor to help with your budgeting and with your costs and expenses that you do have."

She added that older men were taking their lives as their financial pressures increased.

“Being economically in a crisis where you worrying about how you going to pay for your food this month, it can add a lot of stress and anxiety on the individual which could then lead to depression."