Conflict in Gaza continues

The leader of Hamas has said that Israel would regret its attacks on Gaza. More than 400 people,...

Map of Isreal. Picture: IRIN News

The leader of Hamas has said that <?xml:namespace prefix="st1" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"?><country-region w:st="on">Israel</country-region> would regret its attacks on <place w:st="on"><city w:st="on">Gaza.

More than 400 people, including a senior Hamas commander was killed during the seven day blitz.

<country-region w:st="on"><place w:st="on">Israel</country-region> reportedly bombed rocket launchers and weapons storage facilities overnight.

Sky’s Foreign Affairs editor Tim Marshall, who was in <city w:st="on">Jerusalem, said <country-region w:st="on"><place w:st="on">Israel</country-region> might be changing its strategy soon.

“The logic of it is that if you are running out of target, you’ve sworn to your people you are going to stop these rocket attacks, well that inevitably puts you towards some sort of action on the ground and the weather is now in the Israelis’ favour."