Some of the scariest seas I've ever experienced: Bertish after historic exploit

| SA daredevil Chris Bertish chats to Sara-Jayne King after accomplishing the first-ever solo, wing foil transpacific crossing.

South African daredevil Chris Bertish managed a world first last Sunday (17 July).

Bertish arrived on Oahu, Hawaii to accomplish the feat of the first-ever solo, wing foil transpacific crossing,

This surpasses his previous world record for the longest distance traveled solo and unsupported on a wing foil (June 2021).

Chris Bertish off Hawaii, July 2022 - Chris Bertish Foundation on Facebook

The conservationist waterman's latest exploit is part of the Transpacific Wing Project mission to raise awareness of climate change and climate action.

Sara-Jayne King caught up with Bertish just under a week after his incredible 48 days at sea.

Still in Honolulu, Bertish is looking forward to his first real day off on Sunday.

It takes a while to settle... I've been doing crazy amounts of interviews... marketing, PR... it's been pretty much non-stop!

Chris Bertish

It also takes a while for your body to come down... this is when it starts sending all the pain signals it's been keeping at bay for the last two months... I'm looking forward to my first day off on Sunday when I can relax a little bit and hopefully go for a massage!

Chris Bertish

Bertish says the level of mental fatigue that results from an extreme expedition like this depends on how many life-threatening obstacles he faces.

This one was very intense for the first two or three weeks, and the last two weeks were actually quite pleasant because all my systems didn't fail...

Chris Bertish

... but the last two or three days were really extreme because we had a big tropical storm about 50 miles south of me... and the biggest swell in 25 years that hit the Hawaiian island chain just as I was arriving...

Chris Bertish

Seasoned waterman Chris Bertish wing foiling. Image ©: Bob Stawicki via Chris Bertish/Facebook

Bertish says the last 36-48 hours of his transpacific crossing were probably some of the most intense and testing conditions he's ever experienced in the ocean.

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