How Mthandazo Gatya's life has changed since viral John Legend TikTok duet

"I didn't think this duet would change everything so fast, takes a minute for one's life to change," tweeted Mthandazo Gatya.

Screenshot of Mthandazo Gatya's rendition of John Legend's Nervous. Picture: Twitter screenshot

JOHANNESBURG - Mthandazo Gatya - who until about a week ago was, at least to some, relatively unknown in the music industry is now a name to behold.

His shot to fame? His rendition of John Legend's Nervous, that not only got South Africans' attention, but that of the superstar himself.

Fire emojis were John Legend's response to the now viral TikTok duet - performed in isiZulu by Gatya, and on fire is what Gatya's life has been ever since.

"I didn't think this duet would change everything so fast, takes a minute for one's life to change," tweeted Gatya.

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Here are three incredible developments in the Durban-born star's life since that now viral video:

1. The man is booked and busy

From media appearances - both local and international to booking his first corporate gig most recently, Gatya is a busy man - who is now officially on a media run.

And he says everywhere he goes, people are asking if he'll perform his version of 'the duet'.

2. Past and current body of work gets praise

People saw the duet and were naturally curious about his past body of work.

Tweeps are raving about Senzeni feat DJ Manzo Sa and Comado - a track he released in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

"I dropped this song during lockdown, became big but couldn't promote it so people know the face, it's on 2X Platinum because of them," said Gatya recently.

He also released his new EP - Journey to Infinity on the 16th of September - coincidentally the same weekend the TikTok duet gained momentum.

So in a wonderful stars-are-aligned type of way, he is now simultaneously promoting this new body of work.

3. Social media presence shoots up

On TikTok he now has up to 100 000 viewers, alongside notable growth on all his other social media platforms.

And we know what this means in social media currency - should he decide to tap into it, over and above his growing musical career.

Gatya may be a prime example of "Be ready when opportunity knocks."

"John Legend's boy" as some now affectionately call him has thanked everyone who has supported him.

Calling music prophesy, Gatya recently referred to a song he dropped before all of these marvellous things happened, saying "speak life into your words."

"You will see me on television, read about me in newspapers, hear me on the radio... you should've been patient with me," - a song dedicated to a past lover perhaps?

And dear John Legend, we very much want to add no 4 and 5 and 6 on this list - so please make that collaboration happen, in this lifetime, because we "ordinary people" are "so high" off this duet, and "everybody knows" that "all of us loves all of you" so please make our homeboy "number one."