Gqebera's Day Zero looming as NMB Municipality races to keep taps running

Severe water scarcity in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro could see taps running dry soon if the officials don't find solutions to the crisis.

Picture: Michal Jarmoluk/

GQEBERA - The clock is ticking for Nelson Mandela Bay Metro to put measures together to avoid Day Zero. The region has been experiencing one of its worst droughts.

Furthermore, the mismanagement of water infrastructure seems to have worsened the crisis. But the politicians in the coalition-led government are playing the blame game.

Former mayor Nqaba Bhanga said that the root of the cause was the incompetence in the running of the metro.

“For a number of years, projections were that we were going to face water scarcity and we had a political leadership. Under the ANC, they did not plan for that," Bhanga said.

However, the municipality is refuting these claims as it says that apart from the Impofu Dam, that is without water, all its other reservoirs are full.

The Democratic Alliance, meanwhile, has called for a state of emergency to be declared as the municipality may resort to installing communal taps.

They believe the SANDF must be deployed to ensure that order is maintained when residents fetch water.

Adding to the misery of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is the issue of water leaks.

The municipality reported last week that there were 3,000 water leaks in the metro where 29% of water consumption was lost.

The metro remains in a race against time to avoid Day Zero, a prospect that could see the Windy City's taps run dry.