200 people displaced following a fire in Grabouw

Relief efforts are underway in the aftermath of the fire in Grabouw which has left 200 people homeless.

Picture : © sanchairat/123rf.com

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police are investigating the cause of a fire in Grabouw which has left about 200 families displaced.

Relief efforts are already underway in the aftermath of the blaze,

Affected residents have been relocated to community halls and other places of safety as a temporary measure. Many of those lost all their belongings, including identity documents.

According to authorities, the fire affected a bus, car, three formal houses and six informal structures.

Gift of the Givers' Ali Sablay says they are helping those affected by proving items such as blankets and food.

"We are providing the families with hot meals for the next few days. On Monday our teams will be providing the victims with a full humanitarian package, consisting of blankets, mattresses, baby-care packs and food parcels. After the assessment is done by our teams, we will then see what further the victims require", said Sablay.