De Lille to revitalise Manenberg, Hanover Park

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: Chanel September/EWN
CAPE TOWN - Mayor Patricia de Lille on Sunday announced her plans to extend a violence prevention plan through urban upgrading in Manenberg and Hanover Park, where gang unrest is plaguing the communities.

In recent months, several people have been shot and killed in gang-related violence.

The aim of the plan is also to revitalise areas that are falling into urban decay.

The initiative has been unveiled in some parts of Khayelitsha.

De Lille said implementing such a programme in gang infested areas may lead to conflict resolution.

“The success of the programme in Khayelitsha means we can try and implement it in Hanover Park and Manenberg to deal with gang violence in those areas.”

De Lille said the violence prevention plan has led to numerous positive changes.

“The programme has helped Khayelitsha residents to gain skills and develop themselves.”

Many children in these areas have been forced to drop out of school and join gangs.