Zim census training underway

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe at a campaign Rally in Harare, Zimbabwe. Picture: Taurai Maduna/Eyewitness News

HARARE - Training for the national census is finally underway in Zimbabwe after soldiers disrupted workshops.

The last time the Southern African country had a census was 10 years ago.

Some of the data gathered this time round will be used to map out constituencies for the 2013 presidential elections.

The process will get underway on August 17.

Some 30,000 people are being trained.

Most are teachers because they hold the necessary tertiary qualifications.

The staff will receive generous allowances of around US$80 (R640).

Training was supposed to start last Monday, but had to be halted after soldiers turned away the teachers, saying they wanted the jobs instead. 

The ministers of state security, defence and home affairs had to be called in to intervene.  

On Sunday, Acting Finance Minister Gorden Moyo told state media that training is now underway at most centres across the country.