Cape residents clean up after wet weather

Flooding over the weekend severely affected families living in Philippi East.
CAPE TOWN - Some people living in low cost housing in Philippi East, Cape Town, said on Sunday, they have been doing little else but mopping up, following the weekend’s downpours.

They are among more than 5,000 Cape Town residents whose homes were flooded.

Some families living in the newly built phase five housing unit in Philip East were left without a roof over their heads on Saturday evening, after the strong winds damaged their homes.

A mother of a two-year-old living in the unit said her son has become very ill because of the wet conditions in their home.

The woman said she has no dry blankets and has depended on the generosity of her neighbours.

She is now living across the road in a vacant RDP house.

Disaster Management Services have been handing out large plastic sheets so people can cover their valuables, but residents believe it is too late and the damage has already been done.

(Edited by Clare Matthes)