Nyanga calm following violent protests

Police keep an eye on Nyanga residents during a service delivery protest on 10 August 2012. Picture: Nathan Adams/EWN
CAPE TOWN - The situation appears to have calmed down considerably along the N2, where more than 500 protesters took to the streets ton Friday morning.

They burned tyres and stoned passing vehicles, including an Eyewitness News car on the freeway.

The N2 remains shut in both directions at this hour.

Standing in the middle of a major intersection in Nyanga, a contingent of police officers, keeps an eye on everything around them.

Some protesters have taken to hurling rocks every so often at officials, who can only warn each other, and curse under their breaths.

Two police nyalas add to the war-like atmosphere. From time to time, they drive down NY108 attracting projectors as they go.

The vehicles stop, armed officers, get off and then open fire before chasing down suspects.

Several arrests have been made.

On the surface, it appears to be another chaotic service delivery protest, but Eyewitness News has overheard officers who said the demonstration seems too well coordinated to be spontaneous, suggesting they are politically motivated.

The province has recorded the highest number of service delivery protests since the beginning of 2012.

Last week, the ANC Youth League threatened to make the province and the City of Cape Town ungovernable.

The league has accused the DA-led government of neglecting townships.

However, the league has distanced itself from this protest.
(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)