Boeremag brothers congratulate each other

Boeremag brothers Mike and Andre du Toit congratulate each other after Judge Eben Jordaan convicted Andre of high treason. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN.

PRETORIA - Two Boeremag brothers convicted of high treason congratulated each other after they were convicted of high treason in the North Gauteng High Court.

On Friday, Judge Eben Jordaan handed down his guilty verdict for accused number two, Andre du Toit.

Boeremag ringleader Mike du Toit was convicted of high treason on Thursday.

The 20 right-wing members face various charges, including murder and terrorism.

After Jordaan adjourned proceedings, Mike grabbed his brother Andre's hand, posed for a picture and said "welcome to the club".

The siblings are the first two Boeremag accused to be convicted of high treason, and are among the group's inner circle.

Both brothers attended numerous meetings together, where the plot to overthrow the ANC-led government was planned.

The judge found Andre was responsible for organising radio equipment and managing communications, while Mike was the overall mastermind of the project.

Judgment resumes on Monday.

(Edited by Zethu Zulu)