Achmat: Impeach and prosecute Zuma

Activist Zackie Achmat says President Jacob Zuma should be prosecuted for the Nkandla upgrades. Picture: Facebook

CAPE TOWN - Activist Zackie Achmat says President Jacob Zuma should be prosecuted for the R206 million development on Nkandla.

This follows the leaking of the Public Protector’s draft report which states that Zuma misled Parliament and violated the Executive Ethics Code by failing to protect state resources.

Thuli Madonsela also wants Zuma to account to Parliament for the “substantial personal benefit” he derived from upgrades at his private Nkandla residence.

The security cluster in November tried to stop the release of the draft report, citing security breaches.

They took the matter to court, but later backed down.

Achmat has since signed an online petition which calls for the impeachment of Zuma.

The petition, by a group calling themselves, the Committee for the Impeachment of the President, want Zuma and everyone involved in the multimillion rand upgrade to his private home to be prosecuted.

Achmat told 567 CapeTalk that Zuma has failed to lead.

“The country has a leader who is only interested in lining his pockets. We have a severe economic crisis for poor people in terms of employment and hunger. We have a whole range of problems in the educational front and yet we don’t have a leadership that is serious about addressing these issues.”

Achmat said the leaked Nkandla report was the final straw.

“When we saw this leaked report on Friday morning, I rang up a few colleagues of mine and we said we have to do something. This is one of many scandals that the president is involved in. Now, impeachment for me means the president should be prosecuted. The president has transgressed his oath and Section 9 of the constitution. He has lied to Parliament. He has unlawfully interfered with a tender. He has regretfully taken R200 million of taxpayers for personal enrichment.”

He has called on Parliament to initiate the process to impeach the president.

However, the ANC has indicated it has faith in Zuma and the party has majority in Parliament.