Africa: No longer a place devoid of hope

President Jacob Zuma on 11/07/2013. Picture:GCIS
JOHANNESBURG – President Jacob Zuma says the people of Africa must reject any idea from outside the continent, which would lead to regime change in an African state.

He was speaking at the University of Fort Hare's Organisation of African Unity’s 50th anniversary lecture.

The president says the replacement of democratically elected governments on the continent must be rejected. 

He says Africa is no longer a place devoid of hope, as was believed in the past, and is now one of the world’s prime regions of economic growth. 

Zuma came under fire for comments on Malawi last week when referring to e-tolls. 

He said South Africa should not have roads such as those in Malawi.

But he later apologised. 

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)