Arshad Ali to return home

South African businessman Arshad Ali.Picture: Supplied
JOHANNESBURG – The family of a Vaal businessman who was detained in Pakistan for almost two weeks say they're looking forward to his return next week.

Arshad Ali was on his way to board a plane to Johannesburg earlier this month when he was apparently accosted by four men.

He was in Pakistan visiting family.

It was initially thought Ali was kidnapped but it now appears he was being questioned by authorities in Pakistan.

His wife Emel says she still doesn't know exactly why he was detained for so long.

“We can’t wait for him to come home. He was taken by special agents. I don’t know what questions they asked him or what they did but he said he’s going to explain to the media when he comes back.”

Ali is also the African National Congress (ANC)'s chairperson in Meyerton.

(Edited by Gia Kaplan)