ANN7 editor flees SA

Rajesh Sundaram. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG – Former Africa News Network Seven (ANN7) consulting editor Rajesh Sundaram has left South Africa and is returning to India following his resignation from the news channel.

Sundaram says his resignation is due to various reasons including that the station is strictly pro ANC.

He went public over the weekend telling the media he fears for his safety after fleeing the ANN7 offices in Midrand and being threatened by an armed bodyguard. 

Sundaram believes a mysterious burglary at a Midrand hotel where he was staying wasn’t a coincidence. 

The burglary is thought to have occurred during the early hours of Sunday morning.

The room of another ANN7 employee, which was located adjacent to Sundaram’s was also targeted.

Cash, clothing, suitcases and documents were taken.

Sundaram says the timing is suspicious.

“It can’t be a mad coincidence that on the same night there was a burglary in the hotel room adjacent to mine. They took away all suitcases and every document that was there. They came and thought it was my room.”

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(Edited by Gia Kaplan)