Dreaming of a matric ball fairytale

Do you have a formal dress or shoes to lend to a pupil so they can attend matric ball?

CAPE TOWN - Teachers at Inkwenkwezi High School in Cape Town want to provide a memorable matric ball for its pupils.

The school, which is based in Du Noon, has urged the public to help with clothing for their upcoming matric dance.

The event will take place on 20 September but most pupils are likely to miss it as they cannot afford to buy the clothes and shoes.

Teacher Yonela Mopelwa on Friday told 567 Cape Talk’s Kieno Kammies that very few pupils have registered to attend the event as they come from underprivileged backgrounds.

“So far the kids who’ve registered to go to the dance are very few because most of them can’t afford the dresses or the shoes, and some of the boys are also struggling to get the suits.

"I’m just appealing to anyone out there who’s been to a matric ball and they have a dress which they are willing to lend to someone for a day or any dress that can be worn for a formal evening. A pair of shoes will also be greatly appreciated because those kids dream of going to a matric dance. They never see it happening.”

She says most of their students have had tough lives.

“Most of them are living with relatives. Their parents are in the Eastern Cape but apart from all of that they are able to come to school every day and they try to give it their best every day.

"These kids avail themselves for Saturday lessons almost every weekend and they also attend holiday classes because they just want to pass.”

Meanwhile, the Western Cape Education Department says preparations for the final matric examinations are underway.

In 2012, the province achieved an 82,9 percent pass rate.