Bomb scare at Menlyn Shopping Centre

The Menlyn Shopping Centre was evacuated after a suspected bomb threat on 8 July 2013. Picture: Sissy Sambo/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG – Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria was evacuated after a suspected bomb threat on Monday.

Centre management said the evacuation was conducted in an orderly fashion.

Menlyn's Leone White-Phillips says emergency services are on the scene.

“Security personnel at the centre alerted emergency services. The centre was evacuated while a sweep of the premises is being conducted with sniffer dogs. The evacuation was orderly, thanks to the cooperation of shoppers and retailers.”

But one shopper said the evacuation was chaotic and badly handled.

“I was in one of the stores and an alarm went off. The staff looked a bit puzzled. They locked the doors and I asked them to let me out and I made my way to the exit as fast as I could.”

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is Pretoria's largest mall.