Cops 'assault' blind man

Screengrab of a video taken by an eyewitness of a blind man being assaulted and dragged by police in Cape Town. Picture: YouTube

CAPE TOWN - Police on Monday assaulted a blind musician in Greenmarket Square in front of several onlookers.

According to store owner Laura Newnham, the man regularly busks in the square and has a permit to do so at particular times.

The musician continued playing outside his allocated time and did not adhere to a police request to stop playing.

Newnham says many onlookers were horrified by the brutal manner police handled the man.

“He was thrown on the ground and his guitar was smashed. Eventually, he was dragged away and arrested by six police officers.”

Police have been in the spotlight over the past few years for cases of alleged brutality against members of the public.

In April, video footage of a policeman assaulting a woman in the Free State went viral.

The off-duty policeman could be seen kicking the unarmed woman.

Also earlier this year, Mozambican national Mido Macia was handcuffed to the back of a police van and dragged through the streets of Daveyton on Gauteng’s East Rand.