Delays at Beitbridge ease up

Beitbridge: Zimbabwean shoppers return to their home town Beitbridge after Christmas shopping in South African border town of Musina. Picture: AFP
ZIMBABWE - State media in Zimbabwe reported on Saturday the situation at the busy Beitbridge Border Post has eased after nearly two weeks of long queues.

Linking South Africa, its Northern neighbour, Beitbridge is the busiest border crossing in to the country. 

But chaos there often makes it a nightmare for travellers.

Zimbabwe’s Assistant Regional Immigration Manager at Beitbridge, Charles Gwede said that pedestrian and vehicle traffic is now moving much faster. 

Travellers were so fed-up with the latest delays on the South African side of Beitbridge that immigration authorities from both sides of the border were forced to hold a meeting earlier this week. 

Tens of thousands pass through Beitbridge every day; many more pass through during the Christmas period and holiday seasons. 

Gwede said the problem this time was at South African immigration officials were undergoing training.

He told the Herald newspaper that the South Africans have promised to bring in more staff during early morning and evening shifts when more people try to cross. 

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)