AA lawsuit underway

Christopher February has accused Correctional Services of discriminating against him because of his race. Picture: Malungelo Booi

CAPE TOWN - Trade union Solidarity's affirmative action lawsuit against Correctional Services is underway in the Labour Court.

The union is taking the department to court arguing the demographic criteria in its affirmative action plan has a negative effect on coloureds in the Western Cape, who hold the majority in the province, but not nationally.

Solidarity is representing one white and four coloured Correctional Services officials, who were passed over for promotion due to the AA plan, even though they were the best candidates for the job.

Solidarity believes its case is going to change the face of affirmative action in the country.

The union’s Dirk Hermann says they are confident they will win the trial which has been set down for eight days.

Democratic Alliance (DA) MP Lennit Max is at the court, which is filled to capacity. He is a member of parliament’s Correctional Services committee.

But there has been a twist; lawyers for Correctional Services have brought an application saying they want five other officials who also want to take action to be included in the lawsuit.