Bullied in school, lesbian woman fights on

Lavender Hill in Cape Town. Picture: Janine Willemans/EWN
Shayna Goldsmicht knew from a young age that she was a lesbian, but homophobic bullying tainted her high school career. She became suicidal as a result.

CAPE TOWN - A lesbian, who was the victim of homophobic abuse at school, claims education officials did nothing to help her.

Shayna Goldschmidt has spoken about the abuse she endured at school several years ago.

She now cuts herself to deal with her trauma.

The 22-year-old says despite her mother accepting her sexual orientation she has still disowned her.

She says there are many days when she considers suicide, showing the cuts on her wrists.

“When I’m alone, I just do crazy things. I just cut myself.”

However, things could be looking up for the formerly unemployed Lavender Hill woman as she starts a new job, which she believes could be the start of something great, today.

Homosexuality is recognised in the Constitution but many gays still face discrimination in their communities.

Lesbians are often victims of corrective rape in South African townships.