April Fool's Day pranks

We had our Justin Bieber fans in a frenzy when we told them some wouldn't be able to attend his concert. Picture: AFP.

Eyewitness News alarmed Justin Bieber fans on Monday when it said the Department of Basic Education announced teenagers under the age of 16 would not be able to attend his concert in May.

Eyewitness News said the decision was made due to both concerts in Johannesburg and Cape Town taking place on a school night. 

Parents were livid. One mother called in to 94.7 Highveld Stereo and said she had spent a fortune on tickets. 

International broadcasters picked up on the story and a journalist in London said Bieber’s management was up in arms. 

Both parents and their Bieber-fevered fans breathed a sigh of relief later when the story was dismissed as an April Fool’s joke. 

Google cancels YouTube

Meanwhile, Google had a field day with its April Fool’s pranks.

It started off early by announcing the shocking news that YouTube would be shutting down to prepare to pick the Best Video Ever.

A video warned everyone to watch everything before YouTube deleted it all and then told everyone make sure to check back in 2023 when YouTube returns online and the winner of the best Best Video Ever would be seen, and nothing else.

Force-field protection for smartphones

MobileInsurance.co.uk, a mobile phone insurance company in the United Kingdom (UK), claimed to have come up with an ideal way to protect your smartphone. 

It said it teamed up with a physicist who invented a self-activating force field that would react when it detected that your phone was in danger.

The EWN team would like to wish all our listeners and readers a happy April Fool’s Day and hope you enjoy your day off!