Helicopter crashes at Mayors Walk

A helicopter crash at Mayors Walk in Pietermaritzburg has critically injured two people.
JOHANNESBURG - Four people were injured in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday afternoon following a helicopter crash in Mayors Walk.

A groom, his parents and his best man were injured.

It is understood they were travelling to a wedding.

Paramedics said the helicopter crashed on the road on Mayors Walk in between the buildings two of the four people sustained critical injuries.

ER 24's Werner Vermaak said the cause of the accident is yet to be established.

“Paramedics arrived in the scene to find four people scattered across the incident. It is understood that two of them are in a critical condition and another two sustained moderate injuries. The area has been closed off the public while rescue services are underway.”

Meanwhile, in Durban 15 people were injured when a taxi accident overturned on the M4 highway.

Paramedics said six passengers were seriously injured. 

Netcare 911's Chris Botha said six passengers managed to escape with minor injuries.

He said the cause of the crash is not yet known.

“Passengers with serious were treated on scene and then transported to various hospitals in Durban for further care.” 

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)