Donkey meat found in SA deli products

A recent study has found traces of donkey, goat and water buffalo meat in SA deli meats.

CAPE TOWN - A new study by meat scientists from Stellenbosch University shows there is a fair share of fraudulent meat products on the South African market.

The study shows that up to 68 percent of donkey, goat and water buffalo meat were found to be mixed in deli meats, sausages and patties.

These ingredients were not declared on the packaging of the products.

The veterinary directorate previously announced the mixing of horsemeat with other products is legal in the country, as long as it is clearly stipulated.

Stellenbosch Professor Louw Hoffman says, “I think the consumer has a right to know whether he is eating beef and pork or just beef. The labelling legislation clearly indicates you have to say what is in the meat.”

Meanwhile, red meat sales have fallen in the United Kingdom following the horse meat scandal.

In Europe, Czech authorities have discovered horsemeat in Swedish meatballs produced for the furniture giant Ikea and labelled as beef and pork.